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  1. FIBA rules goaltending | Bring back hand-checking | Add a 4th referee | Add a four-point line

    The Basketball Fiends got another special episode this week. Jesus Acevedo Jr. and Alex Aguilera welcome Zak Noble and Roosh Williams of Ball is Life's Noble and Roosh Show to discuss new rules they'd like to see implemented. Should the NBA add FIBA's goaltending rules (2:25), bring back hand-checking (8:46)? ...


  2. NBA + Astrology | Featuring Eric Torres

    Jesus Acevedo Jr. and Alex Aguilera have a special Basketball Fiends episode today. The guys invited Eric Torres, a self-taught Astrology guru, to break down how Astrology plays a part in NBA teams. First, he sees how compatible Jesus and Alex are as hosts (1:49). Then, he breaks down the Michael ...


  3. Grizzlies retire jerseys | Ben Simmons wants out | Player movements | ESPN's WNBA franchise rankings

    After a one-week break, the fiends are back in session. Jesus Acevedo Jr. and Alex Aguilera address the Grizzlies' retiring jerseys from their Grit & Grind era (2:10) and Ben Simmon's request to leave the 76ers (8:12). Plus, the duo recap the recent player movements in the NBA (12:34). Finally, ...


  4. NBA Opening Week | Draymon Green and KD talk | Melo could have been a Piston? |

    The NBA released the opening week and Christmas schedules, so Jesus Acevedo Jr. and Alex Aguilera picked their matchups to watch (3:10). Then, the duo recap Draymond Green's interview with Kevin Durant (9:37) and Carmelo Anthony's appearance on the 'All The Smoke' show (15:42). Finally, they break down the Twitter beef between ...


  5. NBA Offseason | Summer League | Basketball Olympics recap

    The Basketball Fiends are back after a one-week break. In this week's episode, Jesus Acevedo Jr. and Alex Aguilera recap a wild NBA offseason, (2:04) including notable free-agent signings (12:30). Then, the duo gives their two cents on the NBA's Summer League and how the rookies are looking (17:37). Finally, ...